Reasons why choose the train to travel to France

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With the High Speed ​​of Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation together, France is closer than ever and the train has become the best travel option.

    High Speed ​​has significantly reduced travel times and our trains will surprise you.
    Competitive prices. The longer you go, the better price. Travel to France at unbeatable prices.
    From center to city center. The strategic location of the stations will save you time and money.
    No baggage problems. You can transport up to 3 bags without any cost, you can even travel free of charge with your properly packaged bicycle.
    Forget waiting! You can access the train until 2 minutes before departure. Boarding is agile and comfortable when you travel by train, without having to arrive hours in advance.


    Modern trains It floats with two different models: AVE S-100 and TGV Euroduplex. The two circulate at high speed and offer comfortable and spacious seats, both in Preferred Class and Economy Class.
    Enjoy the tour. It is a time of leisure and pleasure that you can dedicate to what you like best: relax, stretch your legs, enjoy the scenery, read a good book … You can also take the time to work thanks to the individual tables and electrical outlets that they allow to connect different devices.

    Restoration. Wide range of 1st quality products adapted to every moment of the day. You can enjoy the offer in the cafeteria car or in the seat thanks to the mobile bar service.
    The train is the means of transport that makes lower CO2 emissions. Between 3 and 5 times less than the car and between 7 and 10 times less than the plane.
    Group trips Advantages for groups from 10 people. They will have the possibility to book more in advance, as well as special prices and personalized services upon request.

You can go wherever you want and discover new locations. We recommend you train travel to Marseille one of the most wonderful french cities you can visit anytime.

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