Know Olmo Cuarón’s Story as a Writer of Short Stories

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Olmo Cuarón is a successful writer of short stories. From an early age he has felt a deep fascination for books, fantastic stories, fables and for unreal and imaginary worlds.

To Olmo Cuarón reality is only a safe dimension that limits his existence and creativity.

Therefore, he prefers to spend his time, and life, creating stories, short stories and fantasies that generate a deep and memorable emotion.

Olmo Cuarón: A Writer of Short Stories

Olmo Cuarón is the happiest when he takes on his phase as a writer of short stories.

His stories on paper narrate unique and unforgettable situations. Besides, every character that is born in the mind and imagination of Olmo Cuarón becomes a very beloved treasure.

As a writer of short stories, he has an innate talent (this is unquestionable). Olmo Cuarón has dedicated his whole life to this craft, or better said, to his art.

He simply cannot see himself conducting any other work that is not authoring short stories. That is inconceivable, inadmissible, and unacceptable.

Creativity, imagination, and wit

It is so much so that he is unable to see himself far from fantastic stories, from his surreal worlds and his beloved fiction characters.

Until now, Olmo Cuarón has written very varied short stories, and the people that have had the opportunity to read them are totally fascinated with his tales.

Olmo Cuarón is an incredibly talented writer of short stories. HIs imagination is his most cherished asset and his desire to continue creating special stories for young and old is still intact.

Until today, Olmo Cuarón’s greatest desire is to continue delighting his readers with his stories and short stories.

Therefore, he takes advantage of each day to exploit his talent and creativity as a short story writer, and everything indicates that he will continue honouring his passion for writing until his final days.

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